Co- Founder of ASPAG & Mosway Electronics pty, Switzerland

Hans is the co-founder of ASPAG & Mosway Electronics pty, Switzerland. Having founded this in 1992, ASPAG started out to become a niche developer for true sinewave inverters and stand-alone grid feeding application. With over-the-counter (OTC) solutions, Hans has been able to cater to the worldwide solar industry. He understood that the need was to develop a modern product platform through which he could create customized designs for the OEM market.

In the year 2005 Hans ventured into the development of motors and axial flux ironless permanent magnet motors (PMAC).

Come 2012, and he got into prototype development of electric bike conversion sets on sensor-less PMAC controller and then got into mass manufacturing of the same.

In the year 2016, he converted a Citroen 2CV with his self-designed axial flux motor, Sevcon controller, 23kWh Li-Ion batteries. He was awarded the legal road worthiness certificate in June 2016.

In 2017, he participated in the WAVE trophy, Grand Tour of Switzerland which spanned 1600 kms and had to pass through a peak altitude of 16000 meters above msl.