Chief Scientist & R&D Engineer at Saietta Engineering. Pvt. Ltd., UK

Cedric is globally recognized as a pioneer of electric motors … just Google him! The son of a codebreaker, who worked alongside Alan Turing deciphering messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine in WWII, Cedric’s interest was inherited from his father and his inclination in the electrical and the mechanical vertical was apparent from a young age.

At 24, he entered a competition to create an electric vehicle that could achieve the longest range. With a home-made motor, Cedric’s vehicle stood second among 50 participants – much to the surprise of the 49 considerably better funded entrants from the worlds of academia and commerce.

Further competitions saw him refine his motor concept into what became the much-acclaimed prototype Lynch Motor. This motor used a permanent magnet and revolutionary axial flux design. The Lynch Motor went into small-scale production in 1988 and a year later, four Lynch motors powered the boat a Stradag to an electric boat world speed record. Working with Agni Motors from 2002, Cedric racked up a host of prestigious awards including the Guinness World Record for the first manned electric helicopter, the world speed record for the first e-powered aircraft, the Mansura Medal for outstanding contribution to hybrid development and the winning motorcycle at the UK’s inaugural e-motorcycle race TT Zero.

Committed to social responsibility and the democratization of sustainable motor technologies, Cedric embodies the very heart and soul of Saietta. He’s got the following successful working prototypes under his belt
5 Electric Motorcycles
1 moped Scooter converted into an electric moped
1 IC Engine Car converted to a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
1 Atul shakti Rickshaw conversion to Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
1 Solar Pump Clean Energy Project