Co-Founder & Chief R&D Officer at Saietta Engg. Pvt. Ltd., UK

British entrepreneur Arvind made his name as one of the driving forces in electric motors globally, after he founded Agni Motors in 2002.

An old friend and long-term business partner Cedric Lynch, headed the R&D of Agni and under their leadership, Agni successfully developed a family of compact, lightweight and highly efficient electric motors, which after development were subsequently manufactured at Arvind’s factory in India that was built for the purpose.

Agni Motors received widespread acclaim from the industry for its innovative and novel efforts in motor development and were the recipient of numerous awards for innovation, including countless electric motorbike podium wins, powerboat world speed records and for making the firstever manned electric helicopter.

Joining forces with Agility Global as its drivetrain technology partner for Saietta R, Arvind was instrumental in forging the merger between Agility and Agni to form Saietta Group in 2015.

He developed the following prototypes
5 Electric Motorcycles
1 moped Scooter converted into an electric one
1 Internal Combustion Engine Car was converted into a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)
1 Atul shakti Rickshaw converted into an electric Rickshaw